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bound button holes

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i am sure there is an article on BOUND HAND BUTTON HOLES in one of the threads magazine have checked index but cannot find. my magazine start at 124


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    How to Make Appliquéd Buttonholes and More - CraftStylish

    13 Mar 2009 ... Although there are lots of ways to make fine-looking buttonholes—like bound buttonholes, hand-worked buttonholes, beautiful loop buttonholes ...
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bound buton holes

thank you so much for going to the trouble to let me know about  this link.

the applique on the picture seems to block out the instructions for a simple bound button hole.

 i really thought i saw one recently well over the last 18 months  my mag,. start from 124


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Bound Buttonholes

Hi Denise,

We have had a few articles on bound buttonholes on our website recently, Classic Bound Buttonholes (excerpted from "5 Foolproof Bound Buttonholes" Threads #94), Decorative Pockets or Bound Buttonholes by Louise Cutting, and Take a Buttonhole a Long Way. I hope these are helpful to you.