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Finished Kilt

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Finished Kilt (post #30971)

Here it is1 My wife didnt believe I made it myself until I showed her the poor stitching inside that is the only proof I have. I have been wearing it, and have gotten an overall great response. Even a few requests to make some for others, hhhmmmmm!

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I think it's terrific but I want to see another picture.  Would you mind taking a picture of the kilt not being worn?  The current pictures are a little dark and we want to see every stitch. (almost)  It looks like it fits perfectly!  Congratulations!      rjf


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I would like to get a picture of it alone I just cant get any detail to show up. Will keep trying.

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You can check Uk flag new design utility kilt

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Can check best utility kilt from sport kilt

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Same here

I do like sport kilt and fashion kilt. They both have awesome designs of kilt fashion and utility kilts. 

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Wow! Looks like a great job--I hope you can post a couple of additional photos with more light (I know, it's hard to do--that's why I don't post any pictures!). If you get into making these for others, be sure to figure your prices fairly--you don't want to cheat yourself. Meanwhile, have you ever seen this site: In case you ever feel the need to move beyond wool tartan...


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Three Cheers for you!  Humans should never outgrow that wonderful "I made it myself" pride.  Is this your first?  If so, double the cheers and a glass of Laphroaig in your honor.

I'm curious: How did you make a kilt without your wife being aware of the entire process?  I actually have a little room set aside for my weaving, but I still take up major family space for winding the warp and some of the finishing processes.  I can't imagine making a kilt without converting the dining room to a "pleatery."


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I wondered about that too!  There are always piles of projects so my husband knows I'm keeping busy.  The pleatery.......good word.      rjf


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Congratulations - the pleating looks quite good - oddly, i can see it a bit better on my rinky dink home computer than i could on the 'good' system at work.

Good work!



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If you can't play a sport, be one.
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you can check latest utility kilts for large men for getting new ideas if you want to keep doing this.

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