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My Project Linus Quilt

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I wanted to sahare with all of you the quilt I made for the Project Linus Project. I've never attached a picture here, so this may be iffy. Anyhow I made it with yellow and white gingham picked up at a yard sale, a Janome memory card designs, Irises, and a butterfly from Embroidery Library which I thought was cute and was a finishing touch to the quilt. I stipple quilted the whole thing when done. It measured about 40" x 40".

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That is such a happy quilt! I am sure that the recipient will have huge smiles when they see it. Cathy

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What a pretty quilt. Irises are my favourite flower, so I especially like this. The butterflies are a perfect addition. Some child will love this.

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Very good quilting, cute quilt.  Lovely job.

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What a lovely gift for a deserving little child!  Thank you for sharing the photos of your lovely work, your embroidery and stippling are very professional looking and sweet.  Bless you for donating your time and expertise and materials to such a worthy cause! 

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Very nicely done.  Butterflies and irises together=great combination.

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Lovely job. I know your pretty quilt will be appreciated. Project Linus is a wonderful organization.

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Thank you for all the wonderful comments. When I do my Project Linus quilts I try to do as good of job with them as if I were making it for my own child or grandbaby (don't have any of those yet). As I usually have made them for boys (due to fabric scraps I had) I wanted to make a girly one and this hit the spot. I think my next ones will be 'girly' ones also. I sewing doing 'girly' things.

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You sound so much like me, Gail.  Most of what I make is for charity and Project Linus is a great one (I love Newborns In Need, also.) I never skimp on anything with charity items.  I want the recipient (or mom) to be proud to own it and never feel like they are "less than" with some tacky thing made without care, ya know?   They should feel like a loved one made them a gift, because love is what we put in it, isn't it?

Your quilt is so nice.  I try to be even about making boy/girl things and gender-neutral ones, but I really love to do the girly ones best.  Can't help it, I'm a girl :)


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Some one else called this a happy quilt and I so agree!  It made me smile!

Greet each day with Joy.  Embrace your blessings.

Greet each day with Joy.  Embrace your blessings.

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I think that was part of the fun of making it. I smiled every time I looked at it. I sure hope it goes to a family that needs the smile. I sized it small to hopefully go to an ICU baby.