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Securing a duvet inside its cover

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Hello...I am interested in ideas and instructions for securing a duvet inside its cover so it will not all bunch up in one spot or "scoot" around inside the cover. I've heard of using velcro or ties in the corners but am not certain how to do that. I would appreciate hearing from someone with a solution. Thank you fro Vermont.

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Sew one tie to each inside corner of the duvet, and one to each corner of the quilt. While the duvet is inside out, tie the comforter to the duvet at the corners. Now turn the whole thing right side out and you should be good to go. If this doesn't hold well enough, you may want to add some ties along the sides as well.

Annie in Wisconsin, USA
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The reply from damascusannie is well said.  One tie in each of the four corners will work fine for a twin or even a full size.  But if you're need is for a larger size consider placing ties between the corners.  Rather than four ties, you'd have eight.

If you're able to handle snaps, using these might be better.  I'm refering to the type shown on the following URL.  You could secure them to a tab sewn into the cover and then hand sew the other tab to the duvet.


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I make many duvet covers in my business, which is drapery and bedding - I purchase snap tape and sew a few pieces in the four corners and again in each center. (Attach it to the front of your seam and the back of the duvet.) Attach the other side of the snap tape at the same intervals on the duvet. This really helps hold the duvet in place. I have suppliers for this but I assume it must be available at a local fabric store. Good luck!


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mmm yes that is good job. i

mmm yes that is good job. i have a question to you that with the snap tape you said that attach then its realy perfect for that . ok i also do like that but you can give more instruction about that . I will try doing like that i hope your instruction help me and make perfect. thanks

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Hi Ladyjay:

I sew small 'loops' of twill tape (about 3/8" to 1/2" wide tape) - about 7 of them- on both the top and bottom of the duvet.  I attach corresponding twill ribbon ties (about 6" long, folded in half) to just the top inside of the duvet cover and tie them to the loops with double or triple knots.  This way, the duvet can be flipped on occasion as the filling tends to shift downwards. 

 I also attach a 'flap' of doubled fabric to the bottom of the duvet cover (about 18-24" wide and at least 24' long - kind of like sewing a large pillowcase on it.  This flap gets tucked under the mattress to secure the position of the duvet.  It has been very effective from keeping my husband from stealing my share of the covers.  Hope this helps 


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Love that tip, thanks so much!  I'm going to try that on a quilt for my bed one of these days!  Mary

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Before sewing the two pieces of the duvet cover together, I sewed a couple of buttonholes at each corner on the end that goes under the mattress. Ties attached to the comforter corners are threaded through the buttonholes and tied on the outside of the duvet cover. 

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I've learned a lot from the many interesting replies you've gotten to this question! 

I've always used color coordinated embroidery floss to make a tailor's tack at each corner, going through all thicknesses and tying it off on the back side.  It secures the duvet without extra bulk or hard closures.

I just clip the tacks when I want to remove the duvet.  Putting in the stitches takes about five minutes, and removing them takes just a few seconds.

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Thank you to all who shared their solutions to my question.

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Securing a duvet inside its cover

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