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watercolor quilting

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i would like any and all information on watercolor quilting. It is just beautiful, and i would love to learn how to do it, so any information on books or sites on line to explain it would be appreciated.

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Claire, there are several sites that could be of help to you. Go to and type in watercolor quilting. You will get several sites to choose from.

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It requires patience, but it is a great deal of fun. I made a spectacular one several years ago, as therapy after my mother's death, and it is my treasure. The phase where you use a felt board to layout the squares is just magical. Of course it is also an excellent excuse to go out and buy tons and tons and tons of eighths of yards of great fabric.

I haven't seen any Websites myself on the topic, but I will also follow Jean's suggestion to google for ones. I know there are several good books available.

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got several messages from the quilting forum. One gal said good book to start with "quick watercolor quilting". says it will take me from start to finish. As usual you gals never let me down. i am sure you will always treasure the quilt you made after your mother death. My mother made oriental rugs, and she left them to me, there is not a day goes by that i dont look at the beautiful rugs and think of her.

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thanks Jean, that is the site (Google) that got me interested in the first place. Spent hrs just drooling over the pictures. This is on my list of things to do this year,(or maybe next)????

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Here's one method that makes it a little less intimidating.
Saw this on a HGTV quilting show ~ last year.
DON'T SEW ALL THOSE LITTLE SQUARES ONE OR TWO AT A TIME! They will never end up straight.

¨ Buy quilt fabric (my favorite part)
¨ Attach light-weight fusible webbing to back side of quilt fabric(s). This is the two-sided type, not fusible interfacing!
¨ Cut out all the squares ( oh say 2" = 1.5" finished after quarter inch seams all around)
¨ Layout the picture with your squares, as you like, on a big piece of muslin. The little squares should be just touching and not overlapping.
¨ Heat up your iron. Fuse everything to the muslin. This is easier to do on a big table.
¨ !!!! THEN make the seams !!!!, across the all the rows first, columns second. Fold each row with right sides together and sew with the back/muslin side showing. This ends up looking something like French seams on the back. It also encases all the raw edges.
¨ Finish with any quilting and binding.

It is a little stiffer than regular piecing, but those seams are perfect!

Alice in Espanola