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Futon Information, Please

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If anyone can tell me how I can make a Futon mattress, I would be eternally "grateful" due chemical sensitivities it has been suggested I get one, unfortunately do not have the $ to do so, so I need to find a way to make it.

I have tried searching the internet, have only found sites selling them.

Thank You for your suggestions and assistance everyone!


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Mavis, i searched around on and found the following web site:

the page shows detailed diagrams of the insides of several types of futons made by this company. a traditional futon is made from very dense layers of cotton, but there are many different styles and materials that can be used. i'm guessing that the most challenging part of your project may be finding the materials that you need. perhaps you can purchase them from a futon-maker in your area.

I believe that the futon is sewn through all the layers, after it's assembled and covered. visiting futon stores to look at all the models and ask lots of questions will give you knowledge that will help your futon to be a success.

I hope this information is helpful to get you started. good luck with your project--and let us know how it turns out.

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When you are ready to make the removeable covers for your futon let me know, I can help you there. I worked for a Futon factory for a couple of years sewing the covers. I got a van load of covers once a week and took them home and sewed them.

I don't know how the matteresses were made but I do know that they spoke of using baseball bats to help pack the stuffing in them.

Write to Paula White at .

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I have found futons to be fairly cheap. I would think that purchasing the materials would end up costing more.

If you live near a university town you could probably find a place that sells futons there. The fancy futons that are partially filled with synthetics tend to cost more. Places like Walmart have been known to carry them for around $100 for a double sized mattress. I was with friends several years ago who furnished their house with futons from Walamrt.