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Making a comforter and sheets??

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I'm thinking of making a queen sized comforter with Polarguard HVfill (10 oz./sq.ft.). Can this be done reasonably well and easily on my machine? I'm also thinking of making my own sheets, knowing there will be seams. What should I look for in the way of comfortable but durable fabric?
Thanks for your input on this.

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Hi Anne!  I am on this site for the first time trying to get some information on how to make a comforter and I ran accross your message.  I am very basic with sewing so unfortunately I don't know the answer to your question.  However, I was wondering if you have a book or a pattern on how to make comforters?  I have been looking for instruction on this subject for weeks and I can't seem to come up with anything.  I'm trying to make a king size comforter to match our room.  I just wanted to make some thing basic.  Can this be done on a regular sewing machine?  I was thinking of just sewing the edges on all 3 sides stuffing it with batting, sewing shut the open end then sewing buttons all over the comforter to keep the batting in place.  Is this how to do it or am I way off?

Sorry I am of no help to your questions but good luck on your project.

Tonya Zullinger