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Vogue 1117

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Vogue 1117 (post #30191)

Hi to all sewers - has anyone had a little difficulty with this pattern from Vogue? I have found the directions confusing and contradictory - especially concerning the bodice and lining. If anyone has any positive experience (or negative) with this pattern, I'd love to hear from you. I'm not a new sewer and use BWOF patterns a lot, but this Vogue has really confused me! Thanks for any help.

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You will have to be more specific. I found two V 1117, one is a vintage pattern and the newer one was being discussed here:

I didn't read through the whole blog, you may find some answers there.

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Thanks for the info. My question is for the current Vogue 1117. I checked the blog and it seems that several folks have purchased the pattern but have not started it, yet. I think this one definitely calls for a muslin so that's the way way I'm going. Happy Sewing!

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Check out and go to the forum. I know that at least one woman has made this pattern and it was exceptionally flattering.

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the address you gave "cannot be found".

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OK, sorry about that. Here's the exact link to the thread I was remembering:,8319.0.html

Artisans Square is a site with a "Stitcher's Guild Forum". Lots of helpful information there; you may have to sign up (painlessly) before you look at the exact link I've given. The link is written by one woman who made this Vogue pattern, complete with pictures. You may post your questions there, too. Good luck with your dress!

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