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Burda World of Fashion May 2008

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I'd like to buy or borrow (paying shipping) this issue. My subscription lapsed and I'm interested in #118, a dress in a tall size. (I'm six feet).


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Just a thought ...but ... it would probably be less expensive for you to call the publisher and just buy it rather than paying shipping both ways when borrowing it.  I know that I've missed issues before, and I've had no problem ordering back issues.  I've not subscribed to Burda magazine before, but I suspect that they have the same procedure in place.

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I tried to order that issue but was told there are no back issues.

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Oh, dear; I had no idea that back issues would run out so fast.  I guess Burda is really popular!  I'll ask around and see if any of my sewing friends get it and, if they do, I'll ask if you can borrow it.  I've looked at it before, but never purchased one.  If I recall, the subscription is rather expensive, but I don't remember exactly what it was.  Are the patterns difficult to trace, what with so many lines going everywhere?

I sew a lot with Burda patterns, but buy the ones at the fabric store and have never gotten one from one of their magazines.  I've never used one without seam allowances either, although I understand a lot of sewers prefer those and say that they are much more accurate.  Anyway, I"I'll see what I can do.  Please let us know though, if you find someone to loan it to you.  I guess you've tried e-Bay already?  Just another thought.

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Hi Eauinaz7,

Every once in a while I can find an older issue of Burda on the newsstands where I live.  If I find the May one, do you want me to get you a copy?  The catch is that it won't be in English - it will be in Swedish and then postage from here to you will be more, too.  Let me know if you want me to look for it.


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Try the Canadian Publisher : German Canadian News Co.LTD....they don't run out as quick, I've gotten back issues from 2006 this year, they seem to have a small stock pile :) Burda's not as well known up here. My subscription is worth every penny...Take Care
Carmen in Canada

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"Burda's not well known up here". I have to disagree, I have been buying Burda magazines from the mid '60s, even before they published actual patterns and have never not been able to find the magazine and I have lived in many locations all across Canada. Maybe in some small towns you wouldn't find a Burda magazine, but even in smallish cities it was never a problem finding one.

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I should have worded that right, I've been living in northern alberta in small towns(barely a gas station) for too many years! I finally moved into Grande Prairie , pop.54,000, the expression "up here" meant my little place in the prairies, I forgot I was talking with international women! LOL I always feel like the people on the internet could be just down the street! I do love Burda though! I've made about 14 outfits so far, and wish to make so many more...I just need the fabric,notions, time and maybe that new fancy sewing machine in the window ! LOL

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The mag is not as available to many is probably what you meant. I have to really bug my booksellers and magazine outlets to carry it. They special order it for me, for a while, then "forget". Should really get a subscription I guess....Cathy

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Oh I am familiar with Grande Prairie - in fact visited my niece there last Thanksgiving, she has now moved to Kamloops which is a little closer to me. It's too bad that she has moved, I have been sewing for her for ages by long-distance and I know she would have appreciated someone to talk over sewing issues (little tweaks needed, etc.)

As far as that "new fancy sewing machine in the window" goes, mine is over 20 years old, still running beautifully. It doesn't have all the bells and whistles (or the computer problems) of the current ones and I have no plans to replace it at this point.

You will be able to find Burda in G.P. no doubt so you can continue sewing with their stylish European designs.

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Check out my post - 1st choice Burda pattern - might be of use to you this site if u can't get the mag sometime? Jan