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bamboo knit fabrics

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I am looking for bamboo knit fabrics.   I recently went to Hancock Fabrics and inquired if they would be getting this fabric in the future.  I was told that "bamboo knit fabrics are a thing of the past."  Oh come on!  I don't think so.  I love sewing on this fabric and have good luck with it.  I have looked online but would love to just go to a store and purchase.



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I found it to be fragile and so twisted on the bolt that it was difficult to straighten.  Gail

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I always prewash this fabric before cutting a pattern. The fabric drapes perfectly

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I have seen it occasionally at joann's, though not recently, and the other week I spotted one bolt of brown at one of the few fabric stores within a 60 mile radius of where I live.

However, you can find it at (ask to talk with Annette), and there is a lot of it here at

I have dealt with this company a number of times, and found the fabric quality excellent. Shipping is a tad slow (not an issue if you're not in a real hurry), but the greater problem is that they can be REALLY slow about answering questions you might have.

Still, I'd order from them again. In fact, some of those bamboos are calling to me right now.

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thank you for the info

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I got some about 1 1/2 yr ago at Denver Fabrics. (It was organic) . What fabulous fabric! I just love it and wish I could find more too. It is the softest fabric. I used it to make a running shirt

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I have really enjoyed the feel of the bamboo knits, battings and pillow forms (when we had them) at JoAnn's.

Does anyone have information on where bamboo as a textile tends to fall on a "warmth" scale? For instance, if wool is 10, acrylic is 6, cotton is about 4 and polyester at 2? (I just made that up - anything more authoritative would be appreciated!)


trying to keep warm again in O degree F Chicago!

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I have a bamboo fabric T-shirt on right now.  I got the fabric from Hancock's a couple years ago and made it up shortly after.  I have worn it summer and winter for a couple years now.  It is really a comfortable fabric, I think.  I have found it to be cool in the summer (I live in hot and humid Mississippi.) and pretty warm in the winter.  It is currently somewhere in the 40's here.  Just went outside and stood by the therometer for a bit and it is 44 degrees.  The fabric didn't get cold like poly does in cold air so I would think it is certainly better than that.  My shirt is short sleeved so my arms were cold but I could have stayed out longer if needed.  A shirt over it would be much warmer and I have done that too which is very comfortable.  The moisture wicks away from your skin as an undershirt.  I wish there was more in the stores.

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I have seen Bamboo fabrics listed at Wazoodles.  Purchased a blue knit==just lovely.


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My impression from my bamboo tees is that it behaves and feels a bit like rayon--a coolish "hand" in the summer, and neutral in the winter. A nice fabric, very adaptable.

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Thanks Woodruff, for mentioning rayon! I do have a couple pairs of bamboo interlock socks (they were on Clearance at the shoe store!) and, now that you've mentioned it, they ARE definitely warmer than polyester! Soft and cushy feeling, too.

I guess we just need to "spread the word" more about this stuff!

Blessings to all!


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Mill End in Portland Or carried it amd I think Fabric Depot (also Portland) did too a couple years ago. It is lovely fabric.

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Thank you.  I visit Portland Or.  the Mill End & Fabric Depot every year when visiting my daughter.


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I love taking the Fit classes there. It's just so much fun.

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I bought some bamboo knit at Pacific Fabrics in Seattle last fall and used it to interline a light coat. Try them at

It was wonderful to work with and added a weightless layer of warmth.

:) Mary

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Jan, that is a fabulously informative site! Thanks for sharing it.

I haven't even gotten to the "shopping" part yet - just reading about bamboo fabric in general.

I think "We want more bamboo fabric selections!" needs to be included in any correspondence to fabric stores, for sure!

Bright Blessings! Kharmin

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I thought that I also needed to know a little more about the cloth - have you done any knitting with bamboo yarn - what I have seen/felt seems rather attractive to me. but as yet only seen rather pastel shades - not always best for me!

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Hi Jan!

No, I don't knit - but I have seen an "endcap" near the cutting counter (nowhere near the Yarn department!) at my JoAnn Fabrics that has bamboo yarns in deeper, though still subdued, colors. Yummy luscious yarn, that's for sure! And, it seems like it would take dying very well - probably whichever type of dye works best on rayon? (Only know "what I've read" about dying, too) Anybody got any experience, or want to report on experiments?


thumbsx10's picture has bamboo knits for about $15 a yard. I saw some at Vogue .com but you have to buy 17 yards. It is organic I believe.

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our local JoAnn's has a roll of knit bamboo on its red tag table marked at $7.00 a yard. It is such an ugly color that I will wait until the red tags go to half price to try it for a top. I do love the hand. Seems to me that I saw some in Hancock's 'green" section last year when I was traveling but once again the colors were not flattering to me plus they were expensive.

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Bamboo Knit Fabrics

Hi Sherry,

Came upon your post on the internet, old that it is....

try going to knit fabric webiste

they have good bamboo knit fabric there.....