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New Lay Out Ruler?

John_J._Giza's picture

I have invented a folding degree ruler that I have been selling to miners, industrial and construction clients.

Recently I was scolded for not telling people about the uses for quilting and sewing.

Would someone check this out(from my website if possible) so I can tell others of the RascalRule's potential sewing uses.

The RascalRule can be viewed at ""

Thank you

John J. Giza

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Hi John,

Here's my .002

I'm an avid seamstress that visits the Threads discussion pages. I saw your post of July 9 and wanted to reply.

For general sewing and patternmaking I would say your ruler would probably not work too well. Curves (as in French), flexibility, clear, and ruling in both directions are desirable in a patternmaking scenario.

As for quilting; the angle and protractor features are desirable. Again though most quilters want a clear, see through rule, and ruling marks lengthwise as well as across the ruler (also *all* the way across).

There are many "templates" sold in quilt supply stores that basically emulate the protractor (clear triangle, hex, oct shapes from plastic). The advantage of your ruler here would be one tool for many angles. And of course exposure. Most quilters don't visit hardware stores for their supplies. If you were able to put some of your rulers into quilt stores or sewing machine stores...