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Overcast a shirt hem?

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I'm finishing up a top, KwikSew 3161, and the directions (#8, View A) for the bottom edge are to "overcast bottom edge of top."  I am very inexperienced, so I don't know what is meant by this.  I thought overcasting was a stitch used to join the two raw edges of stiffer fabrics like vinyl or leather.  I don't understand what to do. Do I fold the bottom under 1/8" and overcast?  What purpose does overcasting serve? And then I'm supposed to fold a 3/8" hem, press, pin, stitch; but there is a lot of curve, so how can I do I press these curves without creases?  Thanks... (link to pic of instructions)

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Just run the edge through your serger if you have one, or if not, just zigzag around the edge. Press it under 3/8 of an inch and then topstitch. This gives a neat finish without the bulk of a narrow doubled hem like one on a man's shirt. I like to use a double needle to do this, try it, if your machine has that capability.

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