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Linen Napkins with Hemstitch

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Please help.

I am trying to use the suggestion in Threads about the Double Hemstitch needle.  The needle with the wing and the single together. I am working on some linen napkins and would like to do it with the machine vs. hand.  After following the instructions, still no results.  I have a Singer 6550 new machine.  My dealer is not local.  Please help.  These are a gift. Thank you.

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A quick question. Exactly what effect are you trying for.  Because I have read all Threads mags for the last 10 years or so and I am not sure what article you are refering to?  If what you are trying to do is add a hemstitch just having the needle is not going to get you there as you must also have a machine that will produce a hemstitch.  If I have a better idea what you are trying to do I think I can help you. Let me know.

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What kind of thread are you using?  My experience has shown me to never attempt decorative stitching with anything less than wonderful thread.  I'd suggest asking for advice at your local sewing supplies store.

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