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Pillow cording

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Can anyone tell me a correct way to sew cording around the corners of throw pillows? I haven't sewn on a machine in a long time and this is my first attempt at throw pillows. My problem is the corners - when I pin the cording around the corner is bunches up too much. I've tried sniping, but that doesn't seem to do much good. Thx.

btw, I'm using a Pfaff that I just bought - love it!


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You have to be brave enough to clip right to the stitching in three or four places and don't make a sharp corner.  Curve around just a little, maybe a quarter inch radius.    


Edited 4/5/2003 5:18:34 PM ET by rjf


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Thanks rjf.  I'll try to be brave.


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Ok - it's nearly 3 weeks later - did you clip? were you brave? are you on a sewing blitz? Tell, tell, tell!  <grin>

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If you can't play a sport, be one.