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sewing on cording

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How can I get my machine (Singer scholastic) to sew closer to the cording I'm trying to attach to my fabric? I'm using the zipper foot and have tried sliding the needle farther to the side, but I can't get close enough to the cording. About ⅛ inch of the tape the cording is attached to shows between the fabric and the cording. The cording is fairly fat. I've done thinner cording on pillows before with no problem. Thanks!

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Try a different presser foot


I'd suggest seeing if you can get your hands on either a piping/cording foot, which has a groove that straddles the cording, so the needle can get very close, or an adjustable ski-style zipper foot. The ski-style foot enables you to move the foot quite close to the needle--closer than you can with the type of zipper foot typically supplied with sewing machines these days. It's also great for installing invisible zippers. The foot shown below is what you're looking for. You can get a generic one, I believe, that will fit your machine, for abotu $4. Try

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