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Daughter's Wedding gown

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Creating a gown for a beloved daughter too many states away, and with only two fittings in four months - Threads became my ally, from lessons on hand-rolled hems and French seams, to internal structure and support, interfacing, rigilene, spiral boning and horsehair braid - sources, information and encouragement abound, and the result was a beautiful fitting summer gown, exactly what the bride wished for.

A design in constant progress, the dress began as two layers of organza over a petticoat. That was too sheer, so a layer of ivory silk went underneath. Even with a quality silk organza the effect seemed dull, so a layer of lace was added in between the organza, providing a very soft vintage effect. So the gown grew to four light layers that rustled beautifully when she walked, six gored skirt with godet added at the knees to create the modified mermaid, all separately French seamed and hems lovingly rolled by hand.

Our muse was the beautiful Art Deco bottle of St Germain, complete with working the light jade/blue color of the cap into the petticoats. Etsy provided vintage shoes that were a perfect match. The sash was made from 50 year old satin from the gown worn by her maternal grandmother and me, the mom.

Result? One happy bride and a gown I'm oh so proud to share! Thank you Threads!

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Thank you so much for sharing

Thank you so much for sharing the fantastic photos! What a happy bride and the dress is beautiful!!!!!!!! I am amazed that you HAND rolled all the hems, such patience. And the lace showing under the sheer layers is really effective.


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Really lovely

Thank you, thank you for sharing this process and beautiful result.  She was a lovely, and obviously happy, bride.

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    Thank you for showing


Thank you for showing your wonderful photo's.  What could be better than a beautiful original  wedding dress made with love.


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Wedding dress

An elegant wedding dress. This is just a comment that is in my mind when I saw pictures showing a wedding dress made with love. It is appreciated and admired if we make our own original designs coz we are the one that knows whats best for us.

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Thank  you for sharing.  The

Thank  you for sharing.  The gown is beautiful and so is the bride.


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Thank you for sharing.

The gown was exquisite. 

Your posting reminded me of my experience making my wedding gown with the help of my mother.  You and your daughter will cherish those memories for the rest of your lives. 

Greet each day with Joy.  Embrace your blessings.

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Absolutely beautiful.  Made

Absolutely beautiful.  Made with loving hands.  You did an amazing job.  Well done.  A gown to be loved and cherished. 

Heather in Calgary

Heather in Calgary
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Daughter's wedding gown

A very special sewing effort for you & your daughter to be sure.   Than you for taking the time to let us join your "celebration."  With  minimal trying on, you did a fab job on the fit.

There's a wedding gown post on the following URL.


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I, too, have just finished my daughter's wedding gown, but I can't quite figure out how to post photos on this new forum.  I agree that having others to give input into different aspects was critical; I have sewn for a very long time but had never worked on silk or on such a critical fit!

Congratulation, and great job!

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I am new here and this is the first thread i saw. WOW that is amazing! looks perfect! she looked GREAT in it! and Iloved that you used old satin! its perfect!! she will always love this!

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Amazing dress.

Amazing dress.

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It is so beautiful, they look

It is so beautiful, they look perfect. I think they must have been very happy with the arrival of the long-awaited day.

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Ow, what a beautiful dress,

Ow, what a beautiful dress, the bride must have been so happy :)

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very beautiful wedding gown,

very beautiful wedding gown, the lace details is awesome. The dress is simple yet elegant, the bride looks very happy. 

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Very nice. It's simple but it look so elegant.  I found this online.  And I loved it you.

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Its so Beautiful

Thanks for sharing this  dress is so beautiful and fantastic

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Vincy Mol's picture

Its so Beautiful

Thanks for sharing this  dress is so beautiful and fantastic

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Vincy Mol's picture

Its so Beautiful gown

Thanks for sharing this  dress is so beautiful and fantastic

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