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godets (post #35805)

Hi, new here but looking for some help.


I have a long black velvet evening dress that i want to add godets to, i have a few questions

1 do i use the same fabric.

2 how many godets should i have.

Years ago i made the odd outfit, plenty of fancy dress outfits and alter and repaired many things, but this is a dress that's been hanging uo noe foe a few years which i thought i could give a new lease of life to.


many thanks





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it is easiest to add your

it is easiest to add your gogets to a seam especially to a made up skirt.

So add to any existing front and back seams plus side seams.

Lace godets look great with velvet.

If you skirt does not have seams you might consider adding a frill or ruffle instead.