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invisible zippers

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Do I need a Coats Zipper Foot  N407 to install that brand of invisible zipper or can I use my old regular snap on zipper foot I've used in the  past?

 I don't know if theirs is better or not.  

Thanks,  San

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I would think you'd be Ok

I would think you'd be Ok with another invisible foot....but not regular zip foot.

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I bought the special invisible zipper foot,  got my books out and it was a success....thanks for your response. 

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Invisible zippers

Hello San.

When inserting an invisible zipper i use a combination of the regular zipper foot and the concealed zipper foot.

Firstly i use the standard zipper to attach the zipper to the fabric with a long stitch, but i do not back tack at the end of the seam to secure as i will be removing the stitches after the next part. When the zipper is secure and in the correct position, i then proceed to use the invisible zipper foot as this turns the zipper coils while it is getting stitched in place in one operation. The next step is to remove the first set of stitching so the bottom of the zipper is hanging free, this reduces the zipper causing an unwanted hump on the fabric. Finally you can stitch the last part at the seam which meets the end of the zipper with the standard zipper foot.

I hope that this helps you.

Happy sewing.

Michael Coates - Professional English Tailor